Saturday, May 13, 2006


Takziah kepada keluarga MGG Pillai

Dah lama aku kenal dari jauh mamat ni, agak kontreversi sikit tulisannya dahulu, dan baru-baru ni aku mula nak membaca secara serious tulisannya dalam harakah english section sebab tulisan banyak ke arah ramalan dan 'investigative'. Anyway, beliau banyak menabur bakti dalam usaha penulisan beliau. Takziah untuk keluarganya.

Aku rasa nilah tulisan terakhir beliau.
dipetik dari

How to be rich and successful, force others to believe that or make them bankrupt A helicopter accident happened in Nibong Tebal on 30 March 2006. The newspapers reported how Dato' Patrick Lim was so sad about the loss of his friend, Mr Joseph Chan Sum Foo, the general manager of Abad Naluri Sdn Bhd, killed when the rotor blade struck him unexpectedly. Dato' Patrick is executive chairman of Equine Capital Berhad, and known to the cogniscenti as Patrick Badawi, and the Chinese face to his son's Scomi Berhad, one of whose subsidiaries has got the double tracking contract for Malaysian Railways. This company has no experience in rail way construction, but does it matter in Malaysia? Scomi came into the news a few years ago when the United States objected to Scomi making tubes for a Pakistani nuclear scientist for ultimate resale to Muslim countries of the Middle East as a component of nuclear weapons. here Front page photographs of Dato' Patrick crying over his friend's body near the helicopter are staged, but that is normal when they believe they are some body or want others to believe they are.

sorry yang ni sepatutnya the last comment beliau

Globalisation, for Malaysia, means the foreigner will control what the local always did in the past
THE WAR ON TERROR, as dictated by the United States, is fast becoming one in Malaysia, as it already is in many countries with fealty to Washington. This is adopted to keep the opposition away from politics, but all it has done is to keep it alive. In Indonesia, this is more widespread than is reported in the news reports, that getting prominence only when this affects the government or foreign countries with an axe to grind, usually and not exclusively Australia. In the process, President Susilo Bambang Yudhyono is seen against the war of terror, the fine elements of which are Washington's, or Australia's dictates. Malaysia has gone wholly with the United States on this, because its largest opposition is Islamic, which it wants to say is pro-war on terror, mainly to blame it Islamically, but gets caught in a bind as the National Front's version of Islam – now Islam Hadhari, but that is under the present prime minister, Pak Lah, only; it was not under the former leader – does not cut much ice in the villages.

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